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Restoring a backup - loopygram - 01-07-2022

Good Morning

I have 2 laptops.  1 has updated to Windows 11 with no problem
The one I am using has not updated to Windows 11

I do a clone backup once a month and a differential backup every week.  This is on the Windows 10 laptop.

I want to move all my stuff to the windows 11 laptop but I understand if I restore my  backup to the Windows 11 laptop it will no longer have Windows 11. Will that laptop update to Windows 11 again or will the things that won't allow me to update the windows 10  laptop now be present on the one I restored to not allowing it to update.

Sorry if this all sounds confusing. If you need any clarification on anything please let me know.  I'm not a techie so be gentle.  Rolleyes  Rolleyes